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Many facilities appear to be outdated, but in reality, have years of productive life left. Our in-depth analyses let you make a knowledgeable decision regarding repair, renovation, or replacement of your aquatic facility.

Regarding our Audit services during COVID-19: While your pool may be sitting empty, now might be the perfect time to conduct a physical and engineering audit and inspection to see just how much life remains in your aquatic facility. With various audit levels, we can help you identify the good, the bad, and the ugly of your existing facility, whether its for compliance or evaluating the need for a new aquatic facility.  Learn more about our COVID-19 response

Why plan for success? Our team of operational specialists can help you discover your facility's unique issues and strategize its present and long-term success. Our audit services include assessing the costs, risks, and other aspects of your aquatic facility's business plan, from top to bottom, to ensure that your business' operation is sound and efficient.  Get our e-Book on the Model Aquatic Health Code

With a Counsilman-Hunsaker Physical Audit and Needs Assessment, our experienced specialists and engineers analyze the infrastructure used in the operation and maintenance of your facility from top to bottom. We focus on the systems, structures, and code compliance so that its condition (and potential future life) can be evaluated with certainty. This detailed analysis includes an investigation into programmatic flexibility of the existing pool structure and equipment, identifying substandard items and conditions, and providing options for repair or replacement.

Each aquatic facility Physical Audit and Needs Assessment includes, but is not limited to, expert inspection of:

  • Pool structure and finishes
  • Recirculation systems, piping, fittings, valves
  • Filtration systems and overflow recovery systems
  • Water chemistry treatment systems
  • Pumps, flow meters, gauges, all controls
  • Code-compliance with state and local health codes and the Model Aquatic Health Code
  • Deck equipment

We Help You Choose the Best Direction for Your Aquatic facility

After the audit, the engineering team will provide you with a summary report that identifies any repairs, compliance requirements that need to be met, and a cost estimate.

While the Physical Audit involves a highly technical and detailed process, this report is presented in everyday language that can be easily understood. Improvements and fixes are itemized and clear for inclusion into any future budgets. With Counsilman-Hunsaker's practical, innovative, and expert knowledge and experience in the aquatic industry, you'll be equipped to choose the best direction to continue serving your community's aquatic needs.

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Hands-On Approach

Success begins with identifying your facility’s unique market needs, understanding its capacity potential, and learning how to maximize your aquatic space for the maximum return. Our experienced operational specialists will help you identify your aquatic facility’s strengths and weaknesses, develop program plans focused on generating revenue, and help you forecast your business’ needs and potential.

Our audit services are 100% personalized and can include everything from expense reviews with benchmarking and Model Aquatic Health Code readiness Reviews to program mix, efficiencies, and more.

Are you ready to take a hands-on approach with your business’ success? Get in touch with our operational specialists today for more information on how Counsilman-Hunsaker can help.

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